Constitution (archive - pre-29 March 2011 version)

This is the pre-29 March 2011 version of the Constitution, retained on the EPUG-UKI site for reference purposes only.

The current version of the Constitution was approved at the EPUG-UKI AGM on 29 March 2011.



1.1 The name of the group is Ex Libris Product User Group (UK and Republic of Ireland), abbreviated where appropriate to EPUG-UKI.

2.1 To facilitate communication between Ex Libris Ltd and its associated companies,and the users of Ex Libris products in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
2.2 To identify areas of common interest or concern for action by or comment from Ex Libris.
2.3 To provide a channel for user input to the development of systems.
2.4 To facilitate mutual support and exchange of experience between the users of Ex Libris products.
2.5 To liase with the International Group of Ex Libris Users (IGeLU) and other relevant professional groups.

3.1 Membership shall be open to all institutions in the UK or Ireland, or in any other country where there is no national Ex Libris product user group, who have a current contract with Ex Libris or one of its associated companies for the supply of a library management system, or related product.

3.2 Where an Ex Libris product is shared by a number of institutions under the terms of a single contract each participating institution is entitled to become a member of the Group by paying the annual institutional subscription; but in the case of a vote being taken by the Group at a meeting or otherwise, only one such participating institution per contract is allowed to cast a vote.
3.3 Each member institution shall normally nominate one individual to be the User Group contact for that institution. Each member institution may send one individual to represent that institution at Group Meetings. Up to two further individuals may attend meetings at the discretion of the Chair.
Up to two futher places at Group Meetings will be available to Chief Librarians as delegates from the ExLibris Strategy Group, irrespective of the number of other representatives of their insitution present.
3.4 An annual institutional charge shall be levied, the level of charge to be approved by the Annual General Meeting. Non-voting institutional members shall pay at a discounted rate.
3.5 At the discretion of the Committee institutions may be granted Associate Membership, for an annual charge that will not be more than that for the full membership rate and will be set from time to time for the Group. Associate Members will not normally have voting rights at Group meetings. Associate membership is not intended as an option for institutions that have a straightforward 'custom-vendor' relationship with ExLibris.

4.1 The following officers shall comprise a national executive committee:
Treasurer/Membership Secretary
One Ordinary member
When any post becomes vacant, an invitation shall be circulated (see 4.4 below) for names to be proposed and seconded as candidates to fill it. The proposer shall be an institutional representative; the seconder may be any member of staff from a member institution who is eligible to attend meetings of the Group.
4.2 Further officers may be co-opted by the committee.
4.3 Officers shall be elected for a term of two years, and shall serve for no more than two consecutive terms in any one office.
4.4 The Secretary shall notify the membership of the Group of all Committee vacancies as soon as they are known and at least 28 days before the meeting at which the vacancy is to be filled. If there is more than one nomination for a post, an election shall take place. The voting shall be by a secret ballot of the representatives from each institution that has full membership of the group. Proxy votes shall be included in accordance with article 5.2.
4.5 The group shall appoint an honorary auditor to audit the annual accounts. A 2nd honorary auditor may be appointed if agreed by the Group. Any member of staff from a member institution shall be eligible to volunteer when a vacancy arises.
4.6 Roles of the officers of the national executive committee:
To chair user group and committee meetings
To liase with Ex Libris over matters pertinent to the group
o To liase with IGeLU and other international user groups
o To represent the group on outside bodies where appropriate.
o To take the minutes of user group and committee meetings
o To organize these meetings
o Inform members of proposed changes to the constitution and to ensure that revisions are incorporated into the Constitution.
Treasurer/Membership Secretary

Manage the Group's accounts

Contact the eligible institutions to invite them to join

Ensure that details of member institutions are kept up-to-date on the Group's website

Administer the AUG-UKI@jiscmail email list

From time to time review the contents of the Membership Pack and propose changes as appropriate.

Ordinary member:
o To help in the work of the executive committee, in particular:
- Liase with members on training needs
- Liase with Ex Libris on training matters
- Co-ordinate organisation of training events
The roles of all members of the committee shall include carrying out other tasks the Group agrees the committee should carry out.

5.1 A minimum of three business meetings shall be held each year of which one will be the A.G.M.
5.2 For voting items a quorum comprising a simple majority of the institutional voting membership must be present. Proxy votes from non-attending institutional representatives or their deputies will be cast by the Chair if notified not less than 3 days before the meeting at which the vote will take place.
5.3 The Chair must convene a Special General Meeting within 28 days if requested to do so in writing by at least five institutional members or 10% of membership, whichever is the higher.

6.1 Subject to approval by a majority of voting members at any regular meeting of the Group, sub-groups may be formed from time to time. Such sub-groups should be convened by a nominated institutional contact, and will be required to report to Group Meetings.

7.1 Changes to the Constitution may only be made at an A.G.M. or at a Special General Meeting. Member institutions must be given 28 days notice in writing of proposed changes.
7.2 Changes to the Constitution must receive a vote in favour of at least a simple majority of the institutional voting membership. Voting shall be by a show of hands for each clause to be changed.

8.1 Any remaining assets on dissolution of the Group shall be distributed equally among the institutional members.

Updated October 2007
Superceded 29 March 2011

This is the pre-29 March 2011 version of the Constitution, retained on the EPUG-UKI site for reference purposes only.

The current version of the Constitution was approved at the EPUG-UKI AGM on 29 March 2011.

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